Four insights on building rapport with candidates

It’s essential to build good relationships with candidates, but should we do that by asking them what their hobbies are? Or what their weaknesses are, or why they want to join our company? I don’t think we should; some discussions that aim to build relationships in our social lives bring unexpected problems to our interviewContinue reading “Four insights on building rapport with candidates”

Improving Referral Programmes with Nasser from Intrro

What’s the best referral incentive, a 1000 pounds or company recognition? I had the pleasure of speaking with the one man who might know the answer –  Nasser Oudjidane – the co-founder and CEO of the HR startup Intrro. Their platform uses machine learning to help companies scan employees’ professional networks to identify referrals. NasserContinue reading “Improving Referral Programmes with Nasser from Intrro”

Tips on recruiting designers

Mark Hothi knows a thing or two about recruiting designers. He has over 15 years’ experience in recruitment and 10 years recruiting in the design space. Mark was a guest on the Coffee with a Recruiter podcast, where we discussed various tips when recruiting design roles. Here are three key highlights! Develop a taste for designContinue reading “Tips on recruiting designers”

Three leadership lessons I learned from Paul – Bazaarvoice

It takes a very specific type of leader to last more than 20 years in their profession and to successfully lead globally distributed teams. Paul Abercrombie is one of those rare gems. He has 20 years’ experience in recruitment and has spent the last 10 years working at Bazaarvoice. Paul leads recruitment teams based inContinue reading “Three leadership lessons I learned from Paul – Bazaarvoice”

Job search tips for recruiters with Russell from Both Sides of the Desk

Russell Ayles from Both Sides of the Desk joins us on the Coffee with a Recruiter podcast to discuss tips on how recruiters can better improve their job search As recruiters, we’re skilled in looking at other CVs and advising candidates on interviews. But when it comes to our own job search, we’re pretty much lost at sea!Continue reading “Job search tips for recruiters with Russell from Both Sides of the Desk”

Here’s Why Sourcing Channel Effectiveness Is The Metric You Need To Measure

Picture this scenario – you’re paying £14,000+ a year on LinkedIn Job adverts that haven’t produced any hires. Scary right?  Would you rather invest that money in a source that’s generating many more relevant candidates, or at the very least scrap that investment altogether? LinkedIn’s “The Future of Recruiting” article looked at the seven waysContinue reading “Here’s Why Sourcing Channel Effectiveness Is The Metric You Need To Measure”

Why we love chefs and what recruiters can learn from them

As a London-based recruiter, I love my profession despite it having a reputation for unethical behaviour. Chefs, on the other hand, are very much appreciated. Gordon Ramsay, Anthony Bourdain and the Masterchef shows are examples of how the chef profession is one of the more admired ones in our society. Why do we love chefs,Continue reading “Why we love chefs and what recruiters can learn from them”

Tough Managers and Rejected Offers

April Williams (HR expert) tells us how she overcame these challenges to recruit a Head of People on the Coffee with a Recruiter podcast Some of the toughest moments in recruitment involve CVs getting rejected and rejected offers. We’ve all been there: you’ve submitted tons of CVs, most of them are getting rejected, you’re a few weeksContinue reading “Tough Managers and Rejected Offers”