Why you should hire candidates that fake answers during interviews

Should you reject candidates if they fake answers during interviews, or does faking make them good candidates? According to various academic journals, faking answers is a nuanced topic, and the ability to fake answers could lead to positive hiring outcomes for a company. So, before you reject that candidate you suspect is faking answers, haveContinue reading “Why you should hire candidates that fake answers during interviews”

Three traits you need to assess when interviewing candidates for a job

What should you assess when interviewing candidates? Intuitively, we test software engineers on their code or pilots on their piloting skills, but we can’t stop there if we want to hire a great match for a company. Some managers use the often biased “culture fit” interview, while others overcompensate with more tech tests. To avoidContinue reading “Three traits you need to assess when interviewing candidates for a job”

Why being a “friendly recruiter” matters, according to science

I’ve always wondered if I should be a friendly recruiter with candidates. Does it matter if I’m friendly?  Or do candidates prefer a person that keeps the relationship purely professional? To my surprise, there’s academic research done on the topic of recruiter friendliness by workplace and management professors. This research shows that recruiter friendliness mattersContinue reading “Why being a “friendly recruiter” matters, according to science”

Inclusive workplaces with Kaylee Parkinson (Head of People – Papercup)

Our podcast guest today is Kaylee Parkinson from Papercup! Kaylee is an experienced people / HR manager with a background in tech / graduate recruitment and a passion for inclusive workplaces. We talked about her transition from recruitment into a People function, inclusive workplaces, feedback cultures and the role of recruitment in creating a diverseContinue reading “Inclusive workplaces with Kaylee Parkinson (Head of People – Papercup)”

New year’s resolutions and survivorship bias

First of all, apologies for the lack of episodes and blogs throughout November and December. I took a break from weekly podcasting, enjoyed the Christmas, got fatter, played video games and lost all motivation to be productive. I’m playing The Witcher 3, and I’ve started reading the Witcher books. While I’m at it, I mightContinue reading “New year’s resolutions and survivorship bias”

The best way to interview candidates, according to science

I wanted to talk about something I’m very passionate about on my new podcast episode, and that’s the science of interviewing candidates. The other day I was talking to a candidate about one of our software engineering roles. I have a list of questions that I generally like to go through, but I think it’sContinue reading “The best way to interview candidates, according to science”

Redundancy and finding a new role

I was going through some old notes I had written earlier this year, and found a list with my new years’ resolutions for 2020. My resolutions included getting a promotion at work, which included leading in-house recruitment efforts, more autonomy and overall fulfilment at work. I had abandoned all of my 2020 goals by MayContinue reading “Redundancy and finding a new role”

State of the internal recruitment market with Peter Miller – Hawkwood

The internal recruitment market has undergone quite a shakeup over the last few months, and I wanted to bring you some clarity as to the status of our market. My guest this week on the Coffee with a Recruiter podcast is Peter Miller from Hawkwood. Peter recruits HR and internal recruiters into media and techContinue reading “State of the internal recruitment market with Peter Miller – Hawkwood”

Four insights on building rapport with candidates

It’s essential to build good relationships with candidates, but should we do that by asking them what their hobbies are? Or what their weaknesses are, or why they want to join our company? I don’t think we should; some discussions that aim to build relationships in our social lives bring unexpected problems to our interviewContinue reading “Four insights on building rapport with candidates”

Improving Referral Programmes with Nasser from Intrro

What’s the best referral incentive, a 1000 pounds or company recognition? I had the pleasure of speaking with the one man who might know the answer –  Nasser Oudjidane – the co-founder and CEO of the HR startup Intrro. Their platform uses machine learning to help companies scan employees’ professional networks to identify referrals. NasserContinue reading “Improving Referral Programmes with Nasser from Intrro”