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I’m a London-based internal recruiter, host of the Coffee with a Recruiter podcast and occasional blogger.

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Inclusive workplaces with Kaylee Parkinson (Head of People – Papercup)

Our podcast guest today is Kaylee Parkinson from Papercup! Kaylee is an experienced people / HR manager with a background in tech / graduate recruitment and a passion for inclusive workplaces. We talked about her transition from recruitment into a People function, inclusive workplaces, feedback cultures and the role of recruitment in creating a diverseContinue reading “Inclusive workplaces with Kaylee Parkinson (Head of People – Papercup)”

Podcast and blogging update

Hello! Q1 of this year has been a busy one, so I wanted to provide a quick update on recent podcasts and future blog post formats. Podcasting in Q1 Podcasting has been going great throughout January-March. I’ve had the pleasure to talk about mental health, the head of people function and setting up HR processes,Continue reading “Podcast and blogging update”

Attracting candidates through your values and branding (Recruitment Science #3) Coffee with a Recruiter

What do candidates look for when reviewing your company online or on social media? To answer this question, we’ll review an academic paper titled “EMPLOYER BRANDING ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND RECRUITMENT WEBSITES: SYMBOLIC TRAITS OF AN IDEAL EMPLOYER – authors: L Eger, M Mičík, P Řehoř”. The researchers in the academic article try to do two things: First, they look at how young people assess the personality traits of an ideal employer. Second, they research how these people use company recruitment websites and social media to gain information about their future employers. I’ll first introduce some key concepts. Afterwards, I’ll present the research, the results, and personal observations on using these insights.  — Send in a voice message:
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